Together we fly higher

OGMA’s business policy aims for the optimisation of the Quality/Cost ratio, the lasting relationship with its customers and suppliers, the penetration in new markets and the continuous improvement of its Quality System’s efficiency and effectiveness.

OGMA’s strategic view requires a constant search for customer satisfaction, the return on investment for shareholders and the benefits for society, thus requiring greater focus on its business results with clear impact on productivity and competitiveness.

OGMA’s corporate culture is based on integration, motivation and mutual recognition of people, having professional training as an ever-present consideration towards improvement of people’s individual competencies and of the capability of the company as a whole.

OGMA organises and manages its business activity, providing all means as necessary to meet the customer’s contractual requirements, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

OGMA values partnerships with suppliers in order to create added value and potential benefits for both partners.

All activities carried out at the company’s facilities meet the safety, health and hygiene requirements, as well as those of environmental protection and natural resources preservation, reducing waste and unnecessary use of either matter or energy.