KC-390 makes first flight test

OGMA prepares production of new components for the aircraft The KC-390, the new military transport aircraft manufactured by Embraer, made its first flight test on Tuesday, February 3rd. Just over three months after the aircraft roll-out, in São Paulo, Brazil, a new step in aeronautical design has been taken, which features the participation of OGMA - Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal. OGMA is to manufacture major structural components for this military aircraft and has been working on the production of such elements, in order to meet the schedule set by Embraer for the first KC-390 deliveries. In this first flight test, the KC-390 performed several maneuvers to assess flight characteristics and also a variety of system tests. OGMA, the leading Portuguese aviation industry company, was awarded the manufacturing of the aircraft center fuselage, right and left sponsons and elevators, while it will also assemble the sponsons (about 12-meter long components that make up the fairing of the landing gear compartment). These parts are made of composite material and metal alloys. The involvement of OGMA in the KC-390 programme started at the very first stage of aircraft planning and design, as a result of partnership with and proximity to EMBRAER. The company participated in the initial phase of product development (Joint Definition Phase) and on the development and management of a competitive and flexible sustainable supply chain, with the participation of other Portuguese companies. OGMA’s part in this project contributed in a quite positive manner to the company´s performance, improving the Aerostructures business share in total company sales. The KC-390 is a tactical military transport and air-to-air refueling aircraft that represents a significant breakthrough for the Aerospace industry in terms of technology and innovation. Designed to set new standards in its class, with lower operational costs and improved flexibility, the KC-390 can perform a wide range of missions, such as transport and airdropping of cargo and troops, aerial refueling, search and rescue and forest fire response.