OGMA contributes to the EMBRAER KC-390 Roll Out

The KC-390, the largest military transport aircraft built by Embraer, was presented on October 21, fully assembled and fitted in Gavião Peixoto, São Paulo (Brazil). OGMA - Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal SA is directly linked to this presentation since the company developed and manufactures major components for this aircraft. For the KC-390, are being manufactured in OGMA the central fuselage the sponsons and sponsons doors and the elevators. The involvement of OGMA the KC-390 program first arose during the planning and design of the aircraft, on a direct partnership with Embraer. OGMA participated in the initial phase of the product (joint definition phase) and was responsible for developing and managing a flexible and competitive supply chain. To Rodrigo Rosa, president and CEO of OGMA "the active participation of OGMA in the KC-390 program, in the planning and design and the definition and management of a supply chain of materials and on the other hand, the investment made by Embraer in OGMA since 2005, reflects the confidence in the Portuguese aerospace industry and is a clear support on the development of this sector, increasing its importance in the Portuguese economy. " The KC-390 was developed for a wide variety of missions: personnel transport, airdrop troops and cargo, refueling, medical evacuation and firefighting. It is the most versatile aircraft in its category associated with a lower total life cycle of the market.