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OGMA – Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal, S.A. shall guide all company’s programs, activities and operations under the principles of sustainable development.

Guiding principles for implementation:

  • We recognize Environmental Management and Occupational Health and Safety as a priority in every activity, product and service.
  • We are committed to continual improvement of the environmental performance, as well as to the prevention of serious environmental and occupational health and safety accidents, by implementing corrective actions and by adopting preventive practices.
  • We are committed to complying with the applicable legislation and with all applicable environment and occupational health and safety related standards and requirements, as well as with those regarding the prevention of serious accidents involving dangerous substances.
  • People are the foundation of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management, and shall be continuously trained and made aware of the importance of their role and acts.
  • All job functions at OGMA, S.A. provide for the interaction of the related activities with Environment and with Occupational Health and Safety. The Environmental, Health and Safety Objectives and Goals shall be part of the processes and action plans of all functional areas across the company.
  • We keep open communication between the company and the interested parties.
  • We are committed to environmental protection and to minimizing environmental impact, occupational hazards and health related risks.
  • We are part in the preservation of natural resources by optimizing resource and energy consumption and by preventing damage to Environment.


OGMA, S.A. Management shall, at all organization levels:

  • Grow a consciousness among all employees towards this policy and the compliance with the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety legislation, as well as towards environmental protection, occupational hazards and environmental impact.
  • Promote the actions deemed necessary for the continual improvement of Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, ensuring that the requirements of the interested parties are met as appropriate.