Authority Approvals

Entity Title  
ANAC Production Organisation Approval
ANAC Approval Certificate - Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (Part M)
ANAC Approval Certificate - Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (Part 145)
ANAC (Brazil) Certificado de Homologação de Empresa
ANAC (Mauritania) Certificate of Aproval 010/2014/DG/ANAC
BCAA (Bermuda) Approval Certificate - Aircraft Maintenance Organisation
CAAC (China) Maintenance Organization Certificate
CANEND NDT Training EN 4179
CANEND NDT Examinations EN 4179
CASA (Australia) Part 145 - Maintenance Organisation
CIAR (Channel Islands) Maintenance Organisation Validation Certificate
CIAR (Channel Islands) CAMO Validation Certificate
DCAA (Aruba) Department of Civil Aviation ARUBA Certificate of Acceptance
Department of Aviation (Belarus) Approval Certificate Recognition Statement
DIGAMC (Argentina) Certificado de Habilitacion
DSAE (France) Approval Certificate FRA-145
EASA Design Organisation Approval – EASA.21J.304
EASA/ANAC Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Approval (PART 145)
FAA FAA Approved Repair Station
GCAA (UAE) CAR 145 Approval Certificate
IAC (Kazakhstan) Certificate of Approval
IACM (Mozambique) Aircraft Maintenace Organisation Approval Certificate
INAVIC (Angola) Certificate of Approval
IPAC Accreditation Certificate (Calibrations)
MDN/DGRDN AQAP-2110 Certificate
NATO - NAEW & CFC NATO E-3A Source of Repair Certificate
NCAA (Nigeria) Approved Maintenance Organisation Certificate
PRI/NADCAP Composites
PRI/NADCAP Non Destructive Testing
SAA (Ukraine) Maintenance Organisation Approval Certificate
SGS Certificate OHSAS 18001:2007
SGS Certificate NP EN ISO 14001:2012
SMAA (Sweden) Maintenance Authorisation Certificate
TÜV Certificate ISO 9001:2008
TÜV EN 9110:2015 Certificate of Approval
TÜV EN 9100:2009 Certificate of Approval

Manufacturers' Certifications

Manufacturer Title  
Embraer Authorized Service Center Certificate
Lockheed Martin Authorized Lockheed Martin Hercules Service Center
ROLLS-ROYCE AE Engine Authorized Maintenance Center
ROLLS-ROYCE T56-501D Authorized Maintenance Center (AMC)